About us

"Not a Clothing Business, An Inspiring Way of Life"
To+em is changing the way people think about T-Shirts and fashion and breaking the cycle of dull clothing. Our goal is "to repaint the world in color". To+em are the elite warriors of the clothing line industry. A small unite that creates Artistic, Beautiful Images that Inspire Wonder.
"A man who Loves to Create"
                I Love what I do and I simply love art and creating. I believe art is inspiring and unlimited as far as what we as people can create. There are no boundaries. I started this after hearing all the voices around me telling me that I wouldn't amount to anything and that it is nearly impossible to make it in the art industry. I wanted to take the risk and put myself out there not knowing if I would succeed or fail. I had a dream and two feet and I followed my own path. I was different on all aspects. No one could comprehend or even come close to understanding me. I couldn't be placed in a box so I took this journey, not soo much to prove others wrong, but as an inspiration to others like myself staying up until 3am at night. So to the weirdos, outsiders, eccentrics, lone wolves, daydreamers and men on the moon, "Welcome to the island of misfit toys."
"Study the greats and become greater. And be a scientist. Dissect. No matter what. I don't care if the whole world is against, or tease you or say you're not going to make it. Believe in yourself. some of the greatest men who have made a mark on this world were treated like that. These were men that changed and shaped our culture."
- Michael Jackson